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Jessica Ludlow has always preferred to spend her days alone. Making and keeping friends is just too much work. When she is suddenly thrown from her horse, she looks for every excuse to keep the blue-eyed stranger at arms-length. Long after her physical wounds have healed, she is surprised to find that the new boy in town has firmly planted himself in her heart.
Joshua McCoy is in a new town, facing overwhelming heartache with nowhere to turn, no answers, and days filled with nothing but loneliness. Just as he begins slipping into despair, a beautiful brown-haired girl literally drops into his world. A fateful horse ride, and a late-night conversation help him to find a different direction for his life, and a bond that can never be severed.
When all they’ve known is turned upside down, they suddenly find themselves torn apart. Fate throws Josh and Jessie together after more than a decade of separation, old wounds are opened, and painful memories come to the surface. Promises are made to be broken, but can a broken heart ever be repaired?

New York City… 1859

Brody has called the streets of New York City home for as long as he can remember. At 17 years old, without a family or even a last name, he is determined to build a better future for himself in California. With nothing but the clothes on his back, a dream, and wild determination, he starts his journey west, but all of his plans suddenly come shrieking to a halt when he encounters a very sick girl plagued by fever and in desperate need of assistance. Brody finds himself at a crossroads between helping her or refusing to get involved. Order now and imagine how this one decision would start a journey that would change his life forever.

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5-Stars! This is a fun book to read!

This is a fun book to read, very easy flow to story. I also found a very strong message needed in life.I hope a lot of young people read this book and find this message.

Dan W.

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5-Stars! Great Read!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The plot was well thought out and the characters were well defined. This would be a great read for young adults, however anyone would enjoy the book. Hope to read more from this author!

Nancy D.